Peru Equipment List
Cotahuasi Rafting Peru

The theme for packing on this trip is Pack Light!
We will be carrying all of our gear around Sipia Falls using mules, and then down river for six days using rafts. Thus, space is limited. Though weather should be very warm and we do not expect any rain, we need to be prepared for whatever comes our way. We suggest you bring two sets of clothes. One set for on the river and the other for around camp.

Peru Equipment List

- Farmer John wetsuit -
It is best if you can bring your own, though we can arrange one for you if you can't get one.

- Paddle jacket -
A short or long sleeve version works well. It is best if you can bring your own, though we can arrange one for you if you can't get one.

- Fleece or polypropylene long underwear -
To wear under the paddle jacket.

- Footwear -
Either very sturdy river sandals like Chacos or neoprene booties with good grip. Expect to be scrambling on slippery rocks while scouting and portaging. Some like to wear wool or synthetic socks under sandals.

ATAC supplies you with a helmet, life jacket and all other rafting equipment.

ATAC supplies a community waterproof day bag. This bag is small and reserved for warm day clothes only. Each raft carries one bag for access during the day.

Peru Equipment List

- Light hiking boots -
You don't need to buy a new pair of heavy duty hiking shoes for the hike into the gorge. Comfort is most important. If you do buy new shoes, you must break them in before coming on the trip - it is a 10-hour day hiking down into the gorge.

- One pair of hiking socks -
Some like to wear an additional pair of light polypropylene socks under thicker ones for less chafing while hiking.

- Hiking shorts or a light pair of pants -
Nylon works great.

- Short-sleeve shirt -
Nylon works great.

- Rain gear -
Avoid ponchos and plastic. Look for sealed seams and fitted wrist and leg cuffs. Most likely there won't be rain on the trip, but it is best to be prepared for everything.

- Fanny pack or lightweight daypack -
To carry water, sunscreen, bug repellent, rain jacket.

Peru Equipment List

- One change of clothes -

- Pants -
lightweight, quick drying. Nylon works well.

- Long sleeve shirt -
lightweight, quick drying. Nylon works well.

- One short sleeve shirt -

- Socks -

- One fleece sweater -
for nights and early morning.

- One pair of river shorts -
quick drying and durable. Nylon works well.

- Hat or baseball cap -
large brim, good quality with strap to keep from losing it in the wind or rapids. Baseball caps conveniently fit under the helmet used for white water rafting.

- Eyeglasses with retainer or contact lenses -
lens cleaner for contacts and an extra pair of prescription glasses are recommended.

- Sunglasses -
with retainer to prevent from losing them in the rapids while white water rafting. Glasses rated for 100% UV protection and neutral shades are recommended.

- Shoes for camp -
your river shoes or the shoes you wore during the hike work fine.

- Toiletry kit -
biodegradable soap and shampoo, tooth brush, lotion, bug repellent, prescription medications, personal supplies such as mole skin, band-aids, ibuprofen, feminine hygiene products and other items. Small containers are recommended.

- ATAC supplies a complete first aid kit with ibuprofen, athletic tape, Immodium, etc.

- A towel -
a swimmers chamois towel is used by some and saves space.

- Flashlight or headlamp with extra batteries -
we recommend the smaller LED styles. Expect sunset around 6:00 pm.

- Epi-Pen or Ana-Kit -
individuals at risk for severe allergic reactions to insect bites or food must bring at least one. Though we carry these items, we encourage a backup.

- Medications -
a double prescription is recommended (one to be given to the trip leader for safekeeping). Diabetics should bring a glucose monitoring kit.

- Sleeping bag -
a 30 degree bag is warm enough.

- Sleeping pad -
a thin pad (1/2 inch) or a Thermarest works well. A Thermarest Lounge Chair is a great addition that turns your pad into a camp chair.

- Camera equipment -
it is advisable to purchase a waterproof camera bag or hard shell case for expensive photography equipment. If you are going to bring a hard shell case or large format equipment, please call for size approval. Waterproof disposable cameras work well. Don't forget extra film and a battery for your type of camera.

- Sunscreen -
rated to at least 30 spf.

- Book and journal -

- Water bottle -
you should have at least a two-liter water carrying capacity. A Camelbak works great.

- Energy Bars -
pack a handful of your favorite energy bars. In addition, some like to bring Gatorade packets to add to drinking water.

- Garbage bag and Ziplocs -
for convenient storage and waterproof protection of your gear.

- ATAC supplies a lightweight three-season tent - Plan to sleep two people in each tent. If you want a single, please let us know.

- ATAC supplies eating utensils - knife, fork, spoon, plate.

A note about the bugs:
During early morning and early evening on the river, little mosquito-like bugs, Noseeums, can swarm. While on the water, there is generally no issue with the bugs. Nonetheless, we suggest you plan to stay covered up at all times. Long, lightweight pants and shirt with socks help protect you from bugs while in camp. A mosquito head net can also be helpful.
Note: You can leave any extra clothes behind in Arequipa while we are on the river.

Peru Equipment List

Passport and plane tickets!

A pair of jeans or khakis and a few t-shirts or button down shirts will be sufficient.

Comfortable walking shoes are important. They may be the same shoes you wear on the trail. You may want nice evening attire for our farewell dinner and celebration.

General traveling clothes that you might want but are not listed above.

Toilet Paper - some restrooms in Peru will not have toilet paper. It is best to bring your own.
What to pack in:

You may pack everything in a duffel bag or suitcase for your travels to Arequipa. When we leave Arequipa, we will be sharing dry bags which ATAC supplies. Plan for all your gear to fit into one dry bag shared between two people. You can leave any extra gear at the hotel in Arequipa.

Leave them at home! We recommend that you put essential items (wallet, credit cards, traveler's checks) in small waterproof baggies (Ziplocs) and store them in the bottom of your personal dry bag with your clothing. Store exposed film and medications in small waterproof baggies (Ziplocs) rolled in your clothing - then pack in your personal dry bag. You may want some cash on you for emergencies or gratuities.

If you would like to bring a hard alcohol treat, please bring it in a plastic container - NOT GLASS.