Glossary of Patagonia Terms

Patagonia Glossary, Alerce
In the same family as redwood of the west coast of California and Giant Sequoia of the Sierra Nevada, alerce is a tree unique to Patagonia and some of the oldest trees in the world. Some have grown to be ~4000 years old.

Patagonia Glossary, Altiplano
Literally meaning high plains, altiplano generally refers to drier climate or above treeline.

Patagonia Glossary, Asado
A traditional South American asado is a slow cooked barbequed lamb or goat generally accompanied by potatoes, ensalada chilena (salad) and pan amasado (homemade bread).

Patagonia Glossary, Butch Cassidy
Crossed from Puerto Montt, Chile to Cholila, Argentina in the 1800's where they settled for a few years before fleeing to Bolivia where they were killed.
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Patagonia Glossary, Cazuela
A Chilean style stew usually in a clear broth with chunks of beef, vegetables and potatoes.

Patagonia Glossary, Huasos
Chilean Cowboys.

Patagonia Glossary, Pastel de papas
A Chilean potpie with meat, vegetables and sauces topped with mashed potatoes and typically served in clay bowls.

Patagonia Glossary, Pilcheros
The horses carrying the gear using wooden cross mounts to support the load.

Patagonia Glossary, Pollo al Disco
A popular dish in both Argentina and Chile. A thick iron wok set onto burning coals both smokes and poaches chicken and vegetables in a spicy, yet savory sauce.

Patagonia Glossary, River Sauna
A life-changing riverside experience involving red-hot rocks, steam and a vapor-sealed structure.

Patagonia Glossary, River Classification
class I, II, III, IV, V or VI - More details


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